Paket cheat sheet

A self-reference for common Paket commands.

There are some advantages to Paket over Nuget. Right now I still prefer Nuget when starting projects but I can see how Paket would be advantageous for larger ones where the advanced dependency resolution would have a chance to shine. There are a also lot of open source F# projects and templates that use Paket so it's useful to have a working knowledge of it.


dotnet new tool-manifest
dotnet tool install paket
dotnet tool restore

Convert from nuget

dotnet paket convert-from-nuget

This adds an import for the paket target to the fsproj

<Import Project=".paket\Paket.Restore.targets" />


Install newly added packages. dotnet paket install

Restore all packages from paket.lock

dotnet paket restore

Update Installed Packages

List packages that have an update available.

dotnet paket outdated

Update all installed packages.

dotnet paket update

Add a Group

Groups documentation

echo "group [NAME]" >> paket.dependencies
dotnet paket install

To list the groups the application uses

dotnet paket show-groups

Add Package To a Group

dotnet paket add [NAME] -g [GROUP]